ETHDenver 2023: MetaBlox Demos Decentralized OpenRoaming WiFi at IoTeX’s R3ALWORLD Event

MetaBlox recently attended ETHDenver, the biggest Ethereum event in the world, which was held this year from February 24th to March 5th, 2023. The annual event is known for convening the global blockchain community to promote the development of the Web3 ecosystem.

It gathers Web3 enthusiasts, leaders, and developers who present their projects and learn from about the next cutting edge ideas in blockchain-based products and services.

Keep reading to find out how MetaBlox got involved in ETHDenver this year.

IoTex Event

MetaBlox participated in IoTeX’s R3AL WORLD event at ETHDenver, which hosted presentations from top projects focused on bringing Web3 solutions to existing in-demand sectors and industries.

IoTeX envisions integrating Web3 into everyday life through intelligent machines and mapping programs, decentralized marketplaces, token-incentivized infrastructure networks, proof-of-presence applications, and more.

Speakers included leaders from the MachineFi, DeWi, DePIN, and Real World NFT/Asset sectors, and attendees enjoyed live demos of blockchain-connected devices while exploring the use cases emerging at the intersection of Web3 and real-world services.

One presenter was MetaBlox lead Jeffrey Manner, who discussed the project’s decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network, connections to which are made via blockchain.

MetaBlox presents at IoTeX R3AL WORLD

MetaBlox offered blockchain-based WiFi connections to the roughly 800 people attending the event. These connections were established via a router that’s equipped to verify decentralized identifier (DID) web credentials in a mining process.

Each one of these routers providing connections to MetaBlox’s global WiFi network functions as a blockchain node which works together to maintain the network.

A MetaBlox router providing WiFi at R3AL WORLD

Anyone can create a DID credential on the MetaBlox app for automatic and decentralized WiFi connections at millions of locations worldwide.

They can also host MetaBlox routers to claim the MBLX token yields they produce. Yield sizes are in proportion to the DID-verifications carried out by the given router.

These token-incentives for router hosts provide a Web3-native, decentralized way to deploy the global WiFi network.

MetaBlox and W3bstream

IoTeX has recently launched W3bstream, the world’s first decentralized computing infrastructure platform for IoT smart devices.

By bringing data from conventional machines and networks onto the blockchain, the platform is designed to create a connected world where people, machines, businesses and decentralized applications can interact in a trusted and privacy-protected way.

One major W3bstream use case is data monetization, where users connect their smart devices to the platform in exchange for token rewards.

This data is provided to developers and organizations in the form of analytics reports which help these parties make important product development and business decisions regarding dApps, protocols, and so forth.

For instance, MetaBlox generates important WiFi data that is already recorded on the blockchain. This includes 3W usage data (who connects, where, and when), credential verifications, as well as wallet creations and network validations. Users could monetize such data by sending it to W3bsteam, and also help contribute to the development of new dApps.

MetaBlox is already generating large amounts of valuable data, with transactions on Harmony network around 10 000 a day, which puts the project in the top 5 in terms of transaction volume.

Graphs showing increasing transaction volumes on Harmony explorer

In Conclusion

MetaBlox continues expanding its global OpenRoaming WiFi network by deploying new routers to businesses and public spaces every day. Miner-routers are now providing seamless, decentralized WiFi connections in the Philippines, United States, and Canada. WiFi mining rewards will also become available for withdrawal and use on exchanges after MetaBlox’s TGE this year.

Stay tuned for updates on MetaBlox, including events, token generation news, and more!

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MetaBlox Network is building a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network powered by the latest telecommunications and Web3 technologies.

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MetaBlox Network

MetaBlox Network is building a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network powered by the latest telecommunications and Web3 technologies.