How To Get Free Public WiFi With MetaBlox

Accessing free WiFi will soon get a lot easier. MetaBlox is creating a global network of WiFi hotspots that will help connect the world to Web3. With the right web credentials you’ll be able to leave Web2 behind and access the future of WiFi. In this post, we will summarize how to get there.

Get Free WiFi with Your Web3 Browsing Credential

The key to accessing Web3 through MetaBlox’s hotspot network is by obtaining a Web3 browsing credential. This type of credential contrasts with those used in Web2.

Web2 Credentials

To access Web2, users had to obtain credentials that were stored on the central databases of ISPs. These databases held sensitive personal info but were not owned by the credential users. Essentially, you had to give providers private data for permission to access their networks, and even then you did not own your credentials outright.

With Web2 credentials, you could only access your credential for WiFi while you remained a customer with the ISP/issuer. And ISPs remained free to use the personal data on the credentials even after account closures.

This all changes with the Web3 native credential: the Decentralized digital Identifier, or ‘DID’.

The DID: Web3’s User Credential

The decentralized ID is a special digital identifier that is held on a blockchain. Due to the blockchain format, the data in a DID is distributed rather than held on a central database.

The DID provides access to MetaBlox’s global network of Web3 hotspots. Anyone with a DID can access any MetaBlox hotspot, and you will soon be able to generate a DID on the MetaBlox app.

Web3 User Autonomy

Since DIDs are encrypted on a blockchain, the only party who can access the info on one is the user. Only the DID owner has its private key that lets them access the data on it.

And since the data on them are decentralized, DIDs stay out of central databases not owned by the user. No unified entity can hold or access DIDs besides their individual users. This autonomy is a valuable feature that sets Web3 apart from Web2.

DIDs also help maintain user-autonomy since they are verified not by any central provider or third party authenticator, but by Web3 users themselves. You will be able to verify DIDs on your personal device or through a MetaBlox miner.

Earn Crypto for Verifying Web3 Credentials

Via crypto miners and personal devices, DID holders issue browsing credentials to each other by checking each others’ DIDs. Anyone with MetaBlox miner or the MetaBlox app can conduct DID verifications for Web3 browsing credentials. MetaBlox miners function essentially as Web3 routers. Miner owners also collect rewards for conducting verifications. These rewards are in the form of $MBLX crypto tokens.

Access Web3 Apps, Platforms

Anyone who gets a DID on the MetaBlox app can use it to access MetaBlox hotspots and decentralized apps like crypto exchanges, games, browsers, and social media platforms. Visit this MetaBlox post for recommendations on the best Web3 spaces.

Get Free WiFi on the OpenRoaming Hotspot Network

Another way to access free WiFi with a MetaBlox-generated DID is through the OpenRoaming alliance’s network of hotspots. Since MetaBlox is a part of the OpenRoaming alliance, you can connect to any one of its more than a million hotspots using a DID.

You can also enjoy free roaming across the whole network. This means you won’t have to log in with your DID every time you connect to a new hotspot on the network.

Easy, Free WiFi

Providing access to both the MetaBlox hotspot network and the broader OpenRoaming network, the DID is a great way to get free WiFi at locations around the globe. It is truly a Web3 credential since it is issued, verified, and owned by users rather than internet service providers or third-party authenticators. It’s also highly secure and versatile.

Soon you’ll be able to generate a DID on the MetaBlox app. Visit our social media channels and join our community for updates on accessing Web3 for free.

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