MetaBlox Celebrates Successful NFT Pre-Sale As Official Launch Nears

Cloud Mining Effect

A New Generation of NFTs

  • Proof of OG status in MetaBlox communities, getting holders into special events, and providing access to airdrops from GameFi partners, boosted incomes from DeFi partners, as well other location based services.
  • NFT Staking: holders can deposit their NFT into a staking pool starting September 12th for daily crypto rewards that become available December 12th
  • Network profit splitting: holders split the profits from providing ISPs with Web3 infrastructure–providers purchase the WiFi services provided by the miners, which become nodes on their 5G networks. So miners earn rewards for serving companies as well as individual Web3 users.

What’s Next?



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Metablox Network

Metablox Network

Start To Build A User Centric Distributed Network! MetaBlox is a DID enabled network with key building blocks for Web3 and Metaverse.