MetaBlox Celebrates Successful NFT Pre-Sale As Official Launch Nears

The pre-launch of MetaBlox’s Genesis series miner-NFT was a huge success, with its secondary market Binance price increasing significantly over the price it opened at on August 24, 2022. Another 1000 units of the NFT are slated to be released on September 6th, 2022 on OpenSea.

The NFT has already hit over $300 000 in trading volume on Binance, with more to come, as there are still a few left for sale in the primary market.

Cloud Mining Effect

The NFT has likely sold so fast because it is the first miner-pegged NFT. This connection enables its cloud mining feature, which delivers ongoing income to holders in the form of $MBLX crypto tokens. Holders collect the $MBLX crypto tokens issued by a miner that provides busy public locations with WiFi.

These ongoing profits come at no extra cost to NFT purchasers because the miners are maintained and operated by MetaBlox. The miners will connect to the NFTs on December 12th, 2022.

A New Generation of NFTs

The early success of MetaBlox’s NFT demonstrates a clear appetite for utility-based NFTs that provide holders ongoing value. The collection is designed to provide ongoing income via its special utilities, making it more valuable than many artwork NFTs, for instance. In addition to cloud mining, the Genesis collection has the following utilities that also earn holders crypto:

  • Proof of OG status in MetaBlox communities, getting holders into special events, and providing access to airdrops from GameFi partners, boosted incomes from DeFi partners, as well other location based services.
  • NFT Staking: holders can deposit their NFT into a staking pool starting September 12th for daily crypto rewards that become available December 12th. MetaBlox has provided detailed instructions of how to stake your NFT. Stake your NFT now!
  • Network profit splitting: holders split the profits from providing ISPs with Web3 infrastructure–providers purchase the WiFi services provided by the miners, which become nodes on their 5G networks. So miners earn rewards for serving companies as well as individual Web3 users.

Read more about the Genesis Series’ utilities in MetaBlox Network’s NFT feature overview.

Since their popularity will inevitably grow, now is the best time to buy a utility NFT. At current prices, MetaBlox NFTs holders can earn back their investment within a few months, but returns relative to investment are bound to decrease in the future.

What’s Next?

On December 12th, 2022, MetaBlox NFT mining will initiate and staking rewards become available.

For more information on how MetaBlox is building Web3, visit the website, or keep reading about what the Genesis NFT has to offer. To chat and join the community, visit the social media channels linked below!

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