MetaBlox Launches WiFi Miner Sale, Marking New Era for Web3

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A new era of crypto mining is upon Web3, with MetaBlox’s WiFi miner now available to the public.

This new technology delivers mining capabilities that require far less energy compared to conventional miners, while offering a truly decentralized model for WiFi deployment and connections. Below we’ll briefly explore the many benefits of this type of mining, how to get started with it, and how it provides superior WiFi experiences to users worldwide.

The MetaBlox Miner: Build the Global OpenRoaming Network While Earning Rewards

Every MetaBlox miner is a WiFi router that provides connections with enterprise-level security and OpenRoaming capabilities. This latter feature means that initial connections to the network are automatic.

As a consequence, users can roam seamlessly between the local networks provided by MetaBlox miners, without having to enter any login info. To connect initially, they simply create a decentralized ID (DID) web credential on the free MetaBlox app, which is available now for iOS and Android.

The MetaBlox Miner

To establish WiFi connections, MetaBlox miners work together as blockchain nodes to verify users’ DIDs. This results in a process whereby the miner to which a user connects issues MBLX points. Now anyone can purchase and host a MetaBlox miner for ongoing rewards.

After MetaBlox’s IDO this year, Mining points will be able to be staked for MetaBlox tokens.

A Decentralized, User Built, User-Oriented Network

By authenticating WiFi credentials on-chain, MetaBlox miners provide decentralized, privacy-protected connections that keep users’ data off central servers. Moreover these credentials need not contain any personal info in order to function as WiFi logins.

Instead, DIDs used to access Metablox WiFi can anonymize the user’s on-chain identity, while the blockchain-based authentication method keeps their data off central databases.

Moreover, the global WiFi roaming coverage created by MetaBlox miners offers a truly accessible collection of integrated networks (or in other words, a truly accessible global OpenRoaming network).

Miner hosts are incentivized with more tokens to keep access open, so disincentivized to gate-keep after the fashion of centralized ISPs. This token-based, decentralized model of WiFi deployment thus encourages further network expansion and public accessibility as well as privacy protection.

Getting Started

Installing a MetaBlox miner is quick and simple, and there’s no need to remove or replace any existing router/network you may be hosting. For maximum token yields, the miners provide a publicly available WiFi network, while security measures are in place that ensure the mining network remains isolated from personal ones. MetaBlox miners also provide private networks that hosts are free to use as their home network.

Setting up a WiFi miner is similar to installing a regular router: users simply activate the device, plug it into a computer with an ethernet cable, and login to a configuration portal via their web browser.

In Conclusion

The MetaBlox miner represents an important step in the evolution of Web3, as the technology promises to drive down energy costs while offering an invaluable application for mining: global WiFi roaming deployment. Now everyday users can help build a global, decentralized WiFi network while earning rewards in return. While enhancing WiFi coverage and experiences through global OpenRoaming, MetaBlox miners also provide users with the opportunity to claim some of the value created by WiFi services.

Order your miner now, or visit MetaBlox’s community and social media channels to stay updated on decentralized WiFi deployment and the associated mining opportunities!

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