MetaBlox’s Cloud Mining NFT Utility

MetaBlox has revolutionized cloud mining by incorporating it as an NFT utility that delivers ongoing value to holders.

This comes at a time when cryptocurrency mining has resulted in lucrative sources of passive income which nonetheless make significant demands. That’s because traditional mining projects have become associated with technical tasks requiring expert knowledge.

Moreover, the computers required to carry out mining work are expensive and make significant energy demands. Current-generation ASIC miners sell for between eight and ten thousand dollars, and it can take hundreds of dollars worth of energy for a miner to validate one bitcoin transaction.

Cloud mining (and crypto mining in general) only applies to proof-of-work blockchain operations like Bitcoin and the original Ethereum, where coins are mined by computers which solve the complex cryptographic problems needed to validate on-chain transactions.

These transactions usually managed the purchase, conversion and exchange of crypto assets.

As we will see with MetaBlox Network cloud mining, however, this project offers a mining model that delivers value beyond that of simply verifying crypto banking transactions.

MetaBlox Network Cloud Mining

MetaBlox Network offers a new type of cloud mining service, where miner rights are secured not by a conventional contract but with an NFT which connects to the user’s crypto wallet.

Each MetaBlox NFT secures the rights to the tokens generated by a MetaBlox miner, which, instead of recording crypto banking transactions on a blockchain, provides WiFi connections to the public.

These miners verify special web credentials uploaded to a blockchain in order to connect devices to the internet. Read more about these free credentials that can be used to access MetaBlox Network WiFi.

MetaBlox miners issue $MBLX tokens in proportion to the amount of WiFi connections they establish.The routers are located in busy places where demand for WiFi is high–places like cafes and community centres. These premium mining locations thus maximize cloud mining returns for MetaBlox NFT holders.

MetaBlox miners are also fully maintained and powered by MetaBlox, so NFT holders don’t accrue any of the operating costs associated with mining, and pay zero for energy.

Holders simply keep the NFT in a crypto wallet to earn daily rewards, which can be claimed easily and at any time on MetaBlox’s cloud mining platform. This simple process allows holders to avoid the trouble and costs of private mining.

The MetaBlox NFT

MetaBlox Cloud Mining and WiFi OpenRoaming Deployment

MetaBlox NFTs not only collect the tokens mined by WiFi routers–they also support public WiFi deployment, because the NFT sales fund the installation and operation of MetaBlox Network routers.

This system of public WiFi access points provides internet access via something called a global WiFi OpenRoaming Network. MetaBlox Network routers are integrated with the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s (WBA’s) system of more than a million public WiFi routers worldwide.

This integration has created one global WiFi OpenRoaming Network, where connecting to the internet via any WBA or MetaBlox Network router enables automatic connections at any subsequent OpenRoaming (MetaBlox or WBA) router.

The mission of the WBA and MetaBlox is to build a global OpenRoaming network.

You can connect to the WiFi OpenRoaming network by downloading the MetaBlox Network app. When you come within range of a WBA or MetaBlox Network’s router, the app will present the option to connect. After using the app to connect once, users will automatically reconnect when they come within range of any MetaBlox or WBA router.

Besides developing a WiFi-based purpose for mining, MetaBlox Network makes another innovation to cloud mining: MetaBlox Network miners consume significantly less energy than traditional ASIC miners.

This is because MetaBlox miners are routers, and only need the energy required to establish WiFi connections. Conventional miners solve calculations for much more complex tasks, so require more computing power and thus more energy.


Cloud mining is the easiest and most effective way to make money from cryptocurrency mining without buying and maintaining your equipment. Conventional cloud mining projects, however, are still at risk of making harmful environmental impact due to the energy requirements.

That’s why MetaBlox Network cloud mining has introduced a more sustainable mining model based on routers that verify blockchain-based web credentials. Not only does this mining project demand far less energy than conventional ASIC operations, but it helps deploy global WiFi OpenRoaming.

MetaBlox Network’s cloud mining NFT is only one component of its Web3 ecosystem- explore more about the MetaBlox Network project on its website and social media channels!

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MetaBlox Network is building a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network powered by the latest telecommunications and Web3 technologies.

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MetaBlox Network

MetaBlox Network is building a decentralized WiFi OpenRoaming network powered by the latest telecommunications and Web3 technologies.