MetaBlox Partners With CALDANCE

MetaBlox has announced its partnership with CALDANCE.

These two Web3 projects are disrupting the fitness world by integrating GameFi, X2Earn, and tokenomics with exercise equipment.

The partnership will pioneer a way to earn crypto tokens for staying fit.

CALDANCE hopes that this innovative type of product will change how people view exercise by tapping into earning potential as a motivation for staying healthy. By integrating Web3 GameFi and SocialFi platforms, CALDANCE equipment gives players an immersive exercise experience that should make staying fit fun as well as rewarding.


CALDANCE is a fitness equipment manufacturer that uses gamification to let players earn cryptocurrency while exercising.

This is made possible by turning actual sports and fitness equipment into crypto miners. That means you use CALDANCE equipment to mine tokens while exercising, where token yields are based on the calories burned.

GameFi Details

CALDANCE is set to release a variety of high-end exercise machines beginning with the CALDANCE Exercise Bike.

Players will create a user profile connected to the exercise machine within the CALDANCE SocialFi system.

As players use the machine, exercise data will be recorded on their profiles, and crypto rewards will be given out in proportion to how much energy the system estimates they spend using the bike.


The CALDANCE project was born out of a group of visionaries, engineers, and designers who aspired to make people healthier by improving their exercise habits.

Coming from different parts of the world, namely the USA, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Singapore, the CALDANCE team brings to the project a unique blend of globally recognized knowledge and expertise. The core team is made up of seasoned professionals in the sports, marketing, and blockchain industries.

MetaBlox at a Glance

MetaBlox is a Web3 project that’s building a decentralized OpenRoaming WiFi network with millions of access points worldwide.

MetaBlox’s OpenRoaming network uses decentralized-identifier (DID) based web credentials that are verified on the blockchain in order to avoid data exposure by centralized authenticators.

DIDs also anonymize the WiFi authentication process, as this credential format protects on-chain verification histories from being traceable to the user.

MetaBlox Tokenomics

Finally, since DID credentials are verified on the blockchain for WiFi access, the routers which conduct these verifications also issue $MBLX tokens in a mining process.

Users can claim the $MBLX tokens generated in this process by purchasing a MetaBlox router (which could also be described as a miner), conducting DID-verifications on their device via the MetaBlox app, or by purchasing a MetaBlox NFT, which secures the ongoing token yields from an existing MetaBlox router providing WiFi to the public.

The CALDANCE and MetaBlox Partnership

The CALDANCE and MetaBlox partnership aims to benefit consumers through the synergy of expertise between the two tech projects. The combined efforts will garner mutual benefits that are sure to propel growth for both projects.

The partnership is still at the development stage, and specific plans about how MetaBlox and CALDANCE can combine their technologies are already in the pipeline.

For instance, the projects are exploring the idea of using the MetaBlox app as CALDANCE’s login interface. CALDANCE players could be rewarded with $MBLX tokens, while MetaBlox users could earn additional crypto from CALDANCE players for providing them with WiFi services.

From a business perspective, CALDANCE should be able to tap into the MetaBlox user base, members of which could convert into CALDANCE players.

MetaBlox’s reach also gives CALDANCE the opportunity to quickly penetrate an existing global community of Web3 users. Additionally, MetaBlox’s DID-powered Web3 Open-Roaming gateway could enhance players’ confidence in CALDANCE when it comes to security and privacy.

CALDANCE also has experience manufacturing miner hardware. Since it is deploying miners to build its Open-Roaming hotspot network, MetaBlox would definitely benefit from partnering with a miner manufacturer.

Finally, through the partnership, MetaBlox aims to attract the attention of other X2Earn projects in order to secure other lucrative Web3 collaborations.

Final Thoughts

The MetaBlox and CALDANCE partnership reflects how Web3 projects could disrupt the fitness industry and become big players in it. Through either projects’ combined resources and expertise, the X2Earn project is set to revolutionize the way people stay fit.

Although the collaboration is in its infancy, with most of the plans still in their exploratory phase, the integration of GameFi and X2Earn with fitness equipment is expected to bring great potential for mass adoption.

With a solid founding team of industry experts, the project is set to go full throttle with its plans in the coming years.

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