MetaBlox Successfully Launches Miner-Pegged NFT On OpenSea

MetaBlox’s Genesis series NFT–the world’s first Miner-Pegged NFT– successfully launched on the OpenSea marketplace on September 6th, after the sellout of the series’ Pre-Launch collection on Binance on August 24. Supplies limited to 1000 NFTs were released on Binance and 1000 were released on OpenSea. Every NFT delivers various benefits to holders via special utilities.

You can view or buy the NFT here.

Special Edition Genesis NFT Released

A special edition version of the Genesis NFT has been released for the collection’s official launch. Fifty SE Genesis NFTs are available on OpenSea at a 0.5 ETH floor price. These NFTs have a unique blue design, and offer improved cloud mining capabilities for higher crypto returns.The cyan-coloured Genesis collection is on OpenSea for a 0.36 ETH floor price. Out of the 1000 NFTs released on OpenSea, 50 are the Special Edition Genesis NFT and 950 are the Genesis NFT.

About OpenSea

MetaBlox’s NFT has launched on the OpenSea, which is a highly reputable and user-friendly marketplace. It’s known for the variety of its NFT offerings as well as its high security and low fees. The main cryptocurrencies used on the platform are ETH, USDC, and Solana.

Successful Binance Pre-Launch

The miner-NFT sold out in under a week during its Pre-Launch on Binance, and its floor price increased significantly over what it opened at on August 24. The Genesis series also hit over $300 000 in trading volume on Binance, and reached the platform’s #1 ranking for weekly trading volume.

Utilities Attract Community Attention

Its special features, or Web3 ‘utilities’ were likely a factor in the early success of MetaBlox’s NFT collection on Binance NFT. The sellout reflects the NFT community’s interest in utility-based NFTs that provide ongoing value. These special features make the series more valuable than many artwork NFTs, for instance. The Genesis collection has the following utilities that also earn holders crypto and other rewards:

Cloud Mining: Holders collect the $MBLX crypto tokens issued by a miner that provides busy public locations with free WiFi.

Proof of OG status in MetaBlox communities, getting holders into special events, and providing access to airdrops from GameFi partners, boosted incomes from DeFi partners, and other rewards.

NFT Staking: holders can deposit their NFT into a staking pool starting September 12th for daily crypto rewards that become available December 12th, when the staking pool closes. Stake your Genesis NFT now!

Read a full overview of the NFT’s utilities, or visit MetaBlox’s social media channels for more updates:

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