MetaBlox x BeCryptoWiz AMA Recap

MetaBlox Network is thrilled to share a great AMA session with BeCryptoWiz on Telegram. MetaBlox’s Head of Community and Growth, Arman Alan, represented and spread awareness about MetaBlox amongst the community members.

The session was held on 25th Feb 2022, 6 pm UTC in three parts — Introduction, Twitter Questions, and Live Session.

It has been an overwhelming experience for us. We’re thankful to those who attended the session and asked questions to gain a better understanding of MetaBlox Network’s special features that set it apart.

In case any of you have missed this insightful session, here’s another chance to get a glimpse of all that transpired during this session through this AMA RECAP.

Let’s explore down here and dig deeper into the project details!

MetaBlox AMA Recap Highlights

First Round — Introduction

Ques 1 — So can you please introduce yourself to our community! Also, tell us about your experience in cryptocurrency and the role you occupy in the MetaBlox project?

Ans — Hi Becryptowiz! I’m Arman Alan from MetaBlox. I personally have been involved and curious about cryptocurrency since 2014 with a background in computer science. I am the head of community and growth in MetaBlox.

Ques 2 — Can you give us a brief introduction to what METABLOX is all about and also tell us what makes the project unique?

Ans — MetaBlox is a DID-driven Web3 Network Protocol. The future of Web3.0 is coming and we plan on becoming the platform on which the future of the industry is built. DID & VC (Decentralized-ID) & Verifiable Credentials is what sets MetaBlox apart from everybody else and makes us unique. It allows for users of the MetaBlox Network to have enterprise-level security and privacy whilst owning all their data while using our Network.

Ques 3 — Let’s take a more in-depth look at the platform itself. Please explain to us in detail about your Mining, Farming, & Staking mechanism.

Ans — So the MetaBlox tokenomics have been designed in such a way to reward the users of the network. Because of DID, MetaBlox can reward users of our network in 3 ways.

  • Mining
  • Farming
  • Staking

People who set up miners and provide Free broadband wireless access to users of the MetaBlox Network will be rewarded with $MBLX tokens generated from the mining process.

MetaBlox will also release an app coming soon which will support DeFi capabilities. Because of DID, we will be able to support farming & staking within the MetaBlox blockchain and in other blockchains as well.

Ques 4 — What role do the $MBLX tokens play in the MetaBlox ecosystem? Could you share with us some killer features of $MBLX that set it apart from other tokens out there in the market?

Ans — $MBLX will have inherent value because it will be tied towards NFTS that are rewarded to the users during the mining & validating process.

Also, $MBLX will be required to stake into nodes on the MetaBlox blockchain and will be issued voting tickets to implement sort of a DAO governance system within MetaBlox as it is a decentralized project.

$MBLX will also be swappable to other coins from different blockchains via our own app, making it a very cool and attractive token to own!

Ques 5 — Do you have upcoming updates, releases, or new features, and what measures are in place to protect investors’ funds from hacks?

Ans — Yes! We are launching our app in late Q2 of 2022 and we are IDO’ing to the public very soon within 2 months!

As far as protecting investor funds, we are utilizing basic industry standards and all the investor funds will be placed into a community wallet which will be monitored publicly to assure the funds are spent accordingly.

Second Round — Twitter Questions

Ques 1 — Your DID model sounds interesting, but I really want to know how the FREE WIFI works and also the way users can earn $MBLX Tokens with this method, also do you have tokenomics?

Ans — The WiFi network is built by the users for the users. For users to have access to Free WiFi, a user must purchase a miner with MetaBlox firmware pre-installed.

Once a user sets up this router, validators come and test the WiFi network and once it is validated between Miner and Validator, $MBLX is earned by both parties!

As far as tokenomics go, we are heavily incentivizing user growth to build out the initial network coverage.

This validation process is what allows for Free WiFi to MetaBlox users.

We are also utilizing Open Roaming protocol and Hotspot 2.0 in our network.

Ques 2 — Centralized ecosystems and players have continued to hold users at ransom by regulating how they interact financially and controlling any options available, what role does MetaBlox plan to play in ensuring a truly decentralized digital identity and DeFi solution to its users, potential users, and investors?

Ans — I agree, that remains a big problem in cryptocurrencies to this date. To ensure a fully decentralized network, the network must be built by the users for the users.

Because MetaBlox is a user-centric network, we need to account for some sort of governance system to ensure that the network is maintained in a healthy manner without ill intentions from third parties.

We will implement a DAO system that is governed by people who stake $MBLX within the blockchain. This way people that have the most investment into the network will also have the most say in how the network is governed.

Ques 3 — What are the impacts of the MetaBlox values on the NFT world? Of what importance are they in the MetaBlox project phases 0–6?

Ans — MetaBlox revolutionizes NFTS in a manner that we have not seen before. Our validation system rewards miners and validators with NFTS that have a value assigned to them and can be swapped for other tokens.

Because of this process, our NFTS on our blockchain will have inherent intrinsic value to them because of the way they were acquired.

I have not seen NFTS being utilized in this manner to date and they will be a key to unlocking the full potential of our DID-driven Web3 network protocol.

Ques 4 — How does MetaBlox intend to use its enterprise-level security and high-end privacy protection in reducing insecurity in the crypto space, especially with the high rate of hacking and insecurity now.

Ans — What we are building does not necessarily make a DeFi service more secure. What we do provide is a privacy layer of the information you share between you and services on the Web3 network. MetaBlox is an added tool for security & privacy.

Ques 5 — Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of a token in the short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in the long term?

Ans — Our vision and scope and roadmap for MetaBlox is long-term. The bigger the network becomes and the more projects that are built on top of it, the more valuable the tokens become. This is a simple case of the network effect.

Because MetaBlox is a user-centric network that gives users Free WiFi access with an emphasis on security, I believe that this will grow itself out so I am not worried about the price of the token as the services of our network will sell themselves.

On top of all this, users will be rewarded with passive income with $MBLX, giving the token itself value while the network grows and attracts more users.

Third Round — Live Session

Ques 1 — Do you have white paper? If yes, please share it as a second token project. Do you have a pre-sale plan? Where can we join now? And what are the benefits of this white paper?

Ans — We are currently working on this and will release it as soon as possible! Stay tuned to our website. We are releasing the MetaBlox app (Q2 of 2022) soon and IDO (Initial DEX Offering) to the public even sooner.

Ques 2 — On how many blockchains will your project be launched and tell us about the achievements of your project till now and have you done any major partnership?

Ans — MetaBlox will be blockchain agnostic, meaning that users will be able to farm, mine, and stake on other blockchains because of DID.

Ques 3 — I notice #MetaBlox. giving a lot of rewards for its token holders. Are there certain conditions so that holders can get rewards? And do you still get profit if you give a lot of rewards to investors?

Ans — MetaBlox rewards the users of the network because it is built by the users for the users.

To passively earn $MBLX tokens, you must set up a miner and provide Free WiFi access to users who will also validate your WiFi access. In this process, both the miner and the user are rewarded.

To earn via farming & staking, you must download and set up a Metablox node which will earn $MBLX tokens passively and also issue voting tickets so that you may be able to vote on the governance system.

Basically, the MetaBlox network protocol is built for the users by the users and will reward the users as such.

Ques 4 — What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team lead the market?

Ans — We are the first DID & VC-driven network protocol currently out there. As this Web3 standard is currently being developed, we are the only platform with this technology and will become the platform that future Web3 applications are built on top of because of our user-centric model and privacy.

Ques 5 — Does #MetaBlox have the intent to make its project globally known especially in the regions of the world where crypto is very known and prominent? Or will your project stick as a local project?

Ans — Because of the nature of our project, we will become a global project as we are developing the infrastructure layer for users and telcos to build on top of.

First, we are developing the Protocol Layer which includes W3C standard compatible DID + VC data model,

Next, we are building the decentralized Foundation Layer that includes Free Broadband Wireless access, Edge Computing, And Storage/Caching capabilities in a decentralized manner

Finally, once MetaBlox is fully rolled out we will have Free WiFi Access, DeFi, GameFi + NFT, Smart Cities, Smart Home, and Industrial IoT.

This is a long-term project with a long-term vision, thank you all for joining and thanks for all the questions! We look forward to keeping you guys all updated on MetaBlox’s future and growth!

We hope you all enjoyed this AMA. As always, we are putting our efforts to share with you our honest opinion and receiving your questions/feedback as motivation to perform better and stay true to what we set out for. We are a real team with real people dedicating our time, money, and energy into this project because we truly believe in it.

We’d like to extend our kindest gratitude and thank you for the love and support. We are fully committed to building Web3.0 of the future for the people, so having a passionate and supportive community is a dream come true.

Stay tuned with all the latest updates about MetaBlox here –

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