MetaBlox x CryptoGold — An Insightful AMA Recap

On the 4th of March, 2022, we got an opportunity to conduct an AMA session with one of the most prominent Telegram communities ‘CryptoGold’. During this session, MetaBlox’s Head of Community and Growth, Arman Alan answered the knit community questions on various topics related to MetaBlox, its goals, missions, services, partnerships, and much more.

The AMA session was hosted by ‘Cryotomania’ from ‘CryptoGold’ at 6:00 pm UTC in three segments — Basic Introduction Questions, Twitter Questions, and Live Community Questions.

Overall, it has been a thrilling experience to connect with the people in person, be able to answer their questions, and spread awareness about MetaBlox Network and its many Web3 features. Thanks to those who attended the session.

In case you missed this very interesting session, no worries, we have shared the AMA Recap which you can always go through and find your answers as well as gain a better understanding of the project.

We hope you find this recap the most insightful as you sit back to read! If you have any additional questions please join our Telegram community and ask us.

First Round — Basic Introduction Segment

Ques 1 — Firstly, please introduce yourself to us. How and when have you started? How did you get involved in crypto?

Ans — Hi everybody from Crypto Gold! I’m Arman Alan, the Head of Community and Growth at MetaBlox. Personally, I first heard of Cryptocurrency back in 2013–2014 and have been curious ever since.

Ques 2 — Now please tell us about your project “MetaBlox”. What were the initial thoughts behind this project?

Ans — So basically with Web2.0 we saw the biggest companies in the world generate the most profit from amassing user data and then aggregating it into user-profiles and selling it to advertising companies. MetaBlox aims to return that revenue and privacy to the users to which it belongs. With the development of Web3.0 standards, we have a special opportunity to establish the new Network Protocol upon which the future of Web3.0 is built and that is what we aim to do.

Ques 3 — Please share tokenomics of the native token of “Metablox” with its complete distribution?

Ans — So there is going to be a limited supply of $MBLX tokens issued. The majority of the tokens will be distributed initially via Farming/Staking/Mining. There will also be an IDO by the end of March which will make available a portion of the total tokens available to the public. We will also burn $MBLX and include a halving process so it will become a deflationary token.

Ques 4 — What are your aims in the next 2 years according to your roadmap?

Ans — We are releasing our app very soon (Q2 of 2022) and IDO by Late March of 2022! We are planning on implementing DeFi capabilities within our app that will allow you to Yield, Farm, and Mine on other blockchains as we are blockchain agnostic. We will sort of aggregate all DeFi features into our app, essentially making it the only wallet you will really need.

We are currently developing the Protocol Layer which includes W3C standard compatible DID + VC data model,

By late 2022 we expect to release a Miner which will allow users to set up and start earning passive income by providing Free WiFi to people.

Once MetaBlox is fully rolled out we will have Free WiFi Access, Full DeFi, GameFi + NFT, Smart Cities Smart Home, and Industrial IoT.

Ques 5 — What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

Ans — Basically what sets us apart and what allows us to do what we do while placing user privacy and security at utmost importance is the implementation of DID (Decentralized-ID) & VC (Verifiable Credentials).

These are current industry-developing standards for Web3.0 and we are the only network with it. We will continue to add new features as they become standardized, which makes MetaBlox an attractive platform to develop the future of Web3.0.

Second Round — Twitter Segment

Ques 1 — What role do the $MBLX tokens play in the MetaBlox ecosystem? Could you share with us some killer features of $MBLX that set it apart from other tokens out there in the market!

Ans — $MBLX tokens are an integral part of the MetaBlox ecosystem. Basically, it will become the settlement currency within our ecosystem.

$MBLX will have intrinsic value because it will be tied towards NFTS that are rewarded to the users during the mining & validating process.

Also, $MBLX will be required to stake into nodes on the MetaBlox blockchain and will be issued voting tickets to account for a DAO governance system in which committees are voted on, ensuring a truly decentralized project.

Also, $MBLX will be swappable to other coins from different blockchains via our own app, redeemable for NFTS.

Basically, it will become the heart of the MetaBlox ecosystem and serve as the settlement currency, while also being blockchain agnostic thanks to DID.

As our network grows, so will the value of $MBLX.

Ques 2 — MetaBlox WiFi is free to users. But does it store user information and sell it to 3rd parties like Google and FB? what makes you sure???

Ans — Great question!

Decentralization, safety, and security are key motivators that drive people towards cryptocurrency. What MetaBlox will do is implement Web3.0 privacy and security standards such as DID & VC as they become implemented and standardized.

MetaBlox will return the ownership of personal data to the users of our network and allow the users the option of monetizing.

For example, our app will have DeFi capabilities integrated, and with DID you will be able to have a credit score without giving any personal and private information away.

This is revolutionary and the implementations are endless as we are moving away from trusting big companies with our data and privacy and instead use DID & VC technology in Web3.0

Ques 3 — Safety and security are always the most important issues. How will the team resolve if there is an unfortunate security problem on the #MetaBlox? Has the team thought of a workaround for this problem?

Ans — A big reason why Cryptocurrency was started was to return the ownership of finances to the people.

As always, the user must first and foremost control their own wallet security. MetaBlox does not provide a shortcut solution to that and we believe we should not either.

The security of one’s wallet should always be the owner’s responsibility, after all, that is what gives cryptocurrency and decentralization its power.

What MetaBlox will do, however, is implement Web3.0 privacy and security standards as they are being developed into our network.

So for example, you may be able to verify your own assets in a different blockchain without ever revealing your identity.

Third Round — Live Community Session

Ques 1 — What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

Ans — Right now, we are focusing on increasing exposure to the community as we are a user-centric network built by the people for the people. We believe that the services of our Network and passive income via mining with our routers and validation via our app will attract new users once they are released and launched by the end of March 2022.

Basically, everything we do is for the benefit of the users and we will continue to focus on the community as the value and strength of our network lie with the community and the users.

Ques 2 — According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?

Ans — Basically increasing exposure to our project via marketing and influencer videos are our main priorities right now. As our network is developed, and our app and token are released by Late March of 2022, we will incentivize rolling out initial network coverage by designing the tokenomics to reward users who set up miners and provide Free WiFi access to users.

Our token and app will be released in Q2 of 2022.

Ques 3 — While some initiatives must discuss “long-term vision and mission,” what are your short-term objectives? What are you concentrating on right now? The first step, especially the diversion, is usually crucial in laying the financial groundwork for the succeeding steps?

Ans — Right now we are heavily focusing on developing the protocol layer, which is the DID & VC Web3.0 standard.

Once this layer is fully built with our own app. Applications can be built on top of MetaBlox and start the development of the future of Web3.0

So basically we are concentrating on developing the protocol layer with DID & VC on which Web3.0 applications can be built on top.

Ques 4 — Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project?

Ans — On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project? So you must establish a node within the MetaBlox that will issue voting tickets.

Users will be able to vote on three oversight committees every two years -

  • Technical Committee

Which evaluates each type of miner and confirms its eligibility of providing services, determine technology roadmap, and the distribution of technical grant.

  • Governance Committee

Every aspect of our Token economics will be in our committee, also will decide on the community development roadmap and approve the budget of technical grant and community growth grant; audit the usage of them to assure the users that funds are being spent appropriately.

  • And finally the Growth Committee

Which will handle marketing, branding, and social media engagement and host Hackathons, off-line seminars, etc.

Ques 5 — Since NFT is popular nowadays, is there a plan for NFT integration?

Ans — NFT plays an integral part in our ecosystem and verification process.

To validate the MetaBlox network, a user must access and verify the quality of WiFi they are receiving from a miner.

Once this interaction is verified and sent to the Blockchain, an NFT is earned by the miner and user and has an intrinsic $MBLX token value assigned to it. This also opens up the potential for branding opportunities for businesses and users alike.

I have not seen NFTs being utilized in this manner as these NFTS have value because of the way they were acquired and personally makes me very excited for the future of MetaBlox.

So in essence, NFTS plays a major role in our verification process and the future of our Network.

Thank you so much for taking your time to join our AMA as well as thanks for these amazing questions from the community. Seems like there are many things to share about MetaBlox. We’ll be hosting many more AMAs in the near future. Stay tuned here –

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